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1.Ux Research

Generative User Research

Generative research assists us in defining the problem we would like to design a solution for. It helps us acquire a more profound knowledge of users to find opportunities for solutions and innovation.
We conduct generative research by collecting data and human insights that reveal people's habits, needs, and opinions. Standard generative research methods include ethnography, contextual interviews, focus groups, and data mining.

Heuristic Analysis

A heuristic is a quick and efficient way to solve problems or make decisions. In user experience (UX) design, we systematically use heuristic evaluation to determine a design's/product's usability.

Ethnographic Research

In the field of usability, user-centered design, and service design, ethnography is used to support a designer's more in-depth comprehension of the design dilemma – including the relevant domain, the audience(s), processes, goals, and context(s) of use.An ethnographic study within a usability project aims to get 'under the skin' of a design obstacle (and all its associated matters). By achieving this, We will truly understand the problem and therefore design a far better solution.

Competitor Analysis

One critical step when producing a new product is finding out where you stand with the opponent. Competitive analysis is a vital part of the design process to help companies gain valuable insight into the market, identify their products' strengths and weaknesses, and develop effective product strategies to create winning results.


2.UX Strategy

Design Thinking

Design Thinking helps us identify users' most pressing needs. It also provides a flexible system to address complicated design issues from multiple angles while simultaneously fostering collaboration between various disciplines.

Growth Strategy

A growth strategy is a plan of action that empowers you to achieve a higher level of market share than you currently have. Opposite to popular belief, a growth strategy is not certainly centered on short-term earnings—growth strategies can be long-term, too.

Product Development Strategy
Market Development Strategy
Market Penetration Strategy
Diversification Strategy

Product Roadmap

Product roadmaps represent all future problems that need to be solved, including UX, marketing, content, design, research, development, support, and operations.

Data Visualization

During a design process we encounter large ammount of data and through data visulaization we make sure that it is represented in a way that we understand.

Service Design

Service design is a method where we create sustainable solutions and optimal experiences for both customers and service probviders in novel contexts.
We break services into sections and adapt fine-tuned solutions to suit all users' needs in context—based on actors, location and other factors.

User Engagement

We develop deep understanding about what drives user to engage with perticular system or solution compared to other available options. We understand how user thinks and what drives the user to make a decision.


3.UI Design

Design Audit

A design audit helps identify design bottlenecks and suggest alternate UI tactics to ease interaction and reduce conversion steps. A design audit also helps gauge if the website or app’s functionality is in tandem with the organization’s growth.

Visual Design

Great design is vital to any outfit. Our design-thinking lead process pervades our organisation and culture. Our designers converge their strategy and business skills with your industry insight to create simple and unforgettable experiences for your users and consumers.

Information Architecture

Through Information architecture, we organize and structure the content of the websites, web, and mobile applications are such a way so that users would quickly adjust to the functionality of the product and could find everything they need without significant effort.

Rapid Prototyping

Through sketches and wireframes we develop and test prototypes at rapid rates of iteration to get user feedback and make corrections without ever “making the product” until we get things just right.

Visual Story

We design and craft unique visual stories by designing custom visual elements.

Motion & Animation

We craft your brands story through interactive graphics and micro animations.



Social Media Strategy

We will craft a winning social media strategy which includes everything your brand plan to do and hope to achieve on digital space.

Analytics & Reporting

We use our data visualization techniques to make winning decisions to make your your business get the right kind of audience fast and consistently.

  • Social media content: We produce content that shows or reflects your brand or voice.
  •  Error-free content: We produce high-quality content in adherence to the company’s style guide.
  •  Propose concepts for a copy: Our content presents along with the underlying strategy to the company’s leadership
Email Marketing

 We create beautiful, branded emails that make you look diffrent from your competition Engage your audience with custom designed emails. We help you automate your email marketing process in more effective way.

Content Strategy

We help to transform business objectives and goals into a plan using content as a primary means.

Content Optimization

With our effective and proven content optimization technique we make sure that your content reaches the largest possible target audience.


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